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Steeple:Current events

Steeple:Current events

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[edit] 1 Upcoming Steeple events and related news

[edit] 1.1 Steeple Benefits Realisation

The Steeple project was successful in winning a benefits realisation grant. This funding allowed work on spreading and sharing the outputs of the Steeple project to start in September 2009, though funding is now mostly exhausted. Our latest, though hopefully not last, BR event is taking place in Oxford on the 1st July 2011

Thanks to all the Steeple community partners for your support in making this happen!

Steeple-BR partners are now listed on Steeple:Community Portal. Bjoern

[edit] 1.2 Assemblies

[edit] 2 Past events and news

Read the BeyondWalls2009 notes!
The Beyond2009booklet is now available on the wiki! Please visit Contribute to find out how to contribute!

You can also download the free 72 page Podcasting Handbook that was distributed at the Beyond 2009 conference (including the cover pages): File:Beyond 2009 Steeple Podcasting Booklet.pdf. This handbook is released for reuse in education under Creative Commons.

All the talks from Beyond about institutional podcasting, technical hints, educational uses, servers, iTunesU etc etc are now online in video and audio format at the main project podcast feed here:

Previous assemblies and collaborations:

  • Steeple & ELTAC: Building bridges and looking at common work such as IPR. OXFORD 7th OCTOBER 2009! Further information and outputs from day on the October Assembly page.

(most recent first)

  • Steeple and ELTAC hosted a joint assembly with various other universities at Oxford on October 7th. The day included around 30 people from HE discussing and presenting about their interests in the world of online audio and video capture. The day was structured in the form of an unconference with topics chosen from a list of talks on the BR_Assembly page. A significant output of the day was a technical thinktank across the participants looking at opportunities for a uniformed structuring of metadata for podcast delivery.
  • Peter Robinson gave a talk entitled 'A Pocket University' at the Future of Technology Conference in London on 2nd October. The talk covered the activity at Oxford, the Steeple project and also gave a preview of the sister strand project EREWHON mobile portal Slides with audio for A Pocket University are online at the FOTE web site.
  • Peter Robinson gave a talk on iTunes U, Steeple and Open Video Content to the JISC Digital Collections for historians event at Oxford on September 3rd 2009. [1]
  • Barry Cornelius from Oxford gave a great overview of institutional podcasting and the technical work to get Oxford on iTunesU at the UK HE Webmanagers conference in July 2009. Notes, pdfs and presentation from the event here - [2].
  • Peter Robinson gave a talk on Steeple and Open Video Content to the JISC Sound and Video think tank at HEFCE in London on 23rd June 2009
  • podcasting is featured in a column on Open Education in the June 09 edition of Wired magazine. Page 23.
  • Peter Robinson gave a keynote on Oxford on iTunesU at Apple HQ on May 11th.

Notes and presentation from the event - File:PPP Oxford iTunesU 6thMay.pdf.

Notes and presentation from the Glasgow event - File:PPP Oxford iTunesU 6thMay.pdf.