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Steeple:Community Portal

Steeple:Community Portal

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Interested in institutional podcasting and sharing your expertise? Participate in Steeple!

There are currently 17 UK HEIs involved in Steeple (3 via Steeple, 16+ via Steeple-BR), plus a handful of affiliated projects.

[edit] 1 The original "Steeple-3"

The Steeple project (2008 - March 2010) is a JISC funded project led by Oxford University, Cambridge University, and the Open University.

CARET, Computing Service - Streaming Media Service, Office of External Affairs and Communications, The Darwin Correspondence Project, Sam Kuper, The Isaac Newton Institute, Mustapha Amrani

[edit] 2 Steeple Benefits Realisation Partners

Thanks to the UK-wide interest in the Steeple project, and thanks to another round of JISC funding, we have been able to launch the Steeple Benefits Realisation project (September 2009 - August 2010), that seeks to broaden Steeple to the whole UK HE community: the project is fundamentally open and we are seeking for the project to have UK-wide impact, and for as many UK-HEIs to participate. For more information about the Steeple Benefits Realisation see Steeple Benefits Realisation. The Steeple Benefits Realisation partners are:

[edit] 3 Affiliated and related projects

The Steeple projects also maintains good relations with other UK-wide or international projects, such as: